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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations To Obama, Fire Prevention, Native Americans

Congratulations to Barack Obama, on winning the Presidency. He was not my candidate, but I am not a sore loser, and believe in giving him his due. If you did not see John McCains concession speech, it was really well done, respectable, and touching. I am proud to say he was my candidate. I hope Obama can stand up to all the hype.

This is the second video, in the Fire Prevention series. We watch the video, and then write about what we learned.

All this month, on Social Studies days, we will be watching a series of videos on Native Americans. Discussion and writing assignment will follow each video.

Lesson Plan for 11/6/08:

Reading: Read chapter 4 of Pirates Past Noon
Writing: Tell some ways we can help homeless people
Math: Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction
Language Arts: Phonics review, grammar
Fire Prevention: Video and discussion
Health: Nutrition
Music: 30 minutes
Spanish: Utensils and food

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