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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Would You Sit On A Plane For 10 Hours?

Some of you may have heard about this, back in the Spring. People on a plane were forced to sit on the tarmac for 10 hours, while waiting for take off. 10 hours, are you kidding me. They couldn't figure out after two hours, that they probably were not going to take off, the pilots I mean. These people were offered no water, no food, nor are they allowed to leave the plain, and return to the airport. Some of these people had small children, and it is reported that the bathrooms were not working. I am sorry how does this not qualify as kidnapping, ten hours that is outrageous. So a group of people, mostly from the Airlines and Airports, got together in a task force to see if they could come up with a fliers bill of rights. Yeah ok, we know very well how good a task force can work. All they did was come up with recommendations, that the airlines do not have to follow, and probably will not follow. They could not even come up with a time frame for a lengthy delay. The could not even agree on that. Please are you kidding me, I would think 10 hours would definately qualify, but should start at 2. For goodness sakes, we would not want them to have to give out free food and water, to their loyal passengers. That would be a travesty. I for one am outraged by this, and I hope they get their heads out of their you know whats, and get this done. Talk about abuse, I think this qualifies.

Lesson Plans for 11/14/08:

Today will be kind of an easy day. We did no new spelling or vocabulary lessons, so it will not be a test day.

We will be watching videos 3 and 4 of the Native Americans, arts and crafts, music, and a one hour show on Mars which we tivoed some time ago. That is about it, for tomorrow, other than our visit to the public library. My son is a reading machine, and has just started Moby Dick, which was supposed to be for next years reading lessons.


betchai said...

that really was awful, 10 hours on the tarmac? my worse flying situation ever was from la to nyc via houston, @ houston, we arrived early, in fact, 1 hr early, so everyone was excited. only to find out we could not go out of our plane because of traffic conditions, so, we had to seat there inside the plane for 2.5 hours (that's what you call early but late), which as a result, i missed my connecting to nyc and i waited another 4 hours more in the terminal to get a new flight. i felt very bad then, but 10 hrs on a tarmac is much worse.

melissa said...

See that is awful, why should they be able to do that. Is it that hard, to just let people get off, so they can get something to eat and drink, stretch their legs. I think these conditions are horrible.

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melissa said...

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