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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Have Some Football To Watch

Just a quick post today, as I am going to actually relax and watch some football. If you saw my post last Monday, I told you School Express, would have a free activity set to go with the Free themed unit, on Thanksgiving. Be sure to go to their website, and sign up for their free newsletter, to get a new free unit study every week.

Lesson Plans for 11/17/08:

Spelling: Lesson 11- write each spelling word 2 times each
Vocabulary: Lesson 11- look up the definition to each vocabulary word
Reading: Read chapter 8 of Pirates Past Noon
Writing: Write a poem about Thanksgiving
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, and number names
Language Arts: Phonics review, use glossary
Virtual Tour Field Trip on the Mayflower
Arts and crafts- Pilgrim paper dolls
Spanish: Food and utensils
Music: 30 minutes If time permits

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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