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Monday, November 10, 2008

Give The Gift Of Cooking This Year

Do you love to cook? Do you know someone who loves to cook? Then give the best gift, of cookware this year Cookware and Bakeware Sale

Sears is having a huge sale, on their small appliances. From Blenders, ice cream makers, coffee makers, toasters, food processors, and everything you could imagine in between. My personal favorite, is the George Foreman Grills. We have a small one, and we love it. If you love to cook, and eat meat, but could do without all the fat, then the George Foreman Grill is for you. I would like a bigger one, actually. Maybe I will put it on my Christmas wish list.

Sears is offering discounted prices, rebates, and specials on shipping fees. They offer brand name appliances such as Kenmore, Cuisinart, Braun, and Oster. I know my husband would love a Cuisinart coffee maker for Christmas.

Do you have a theme for your kitchen? I personally do not, whatever I like I buy. My mom, however has her kitchen all in red. Sears offers a set of red, small appliances, that would look awesome in her kitchen. I am seriously thinking of getting them for her, as she will not buy them for herself. They have the coffee pot, toaster, pots and pans, blender and everything. They are only 49.99 in the Cuisinart brand name. Oh how I hope I can get these for her. She would be so surprised, and excited.

What small appliances would you buy, from Sears for the cook on your Christmas list. Don't forget to visit their website, and check out all their awesome specials, and great items. Be sure to ask about this specific deal: Get the 8 pc. Roster Set for $4.99, after mail in rebate. Be sure to hurry, it is a limited time offer. Give the gift of cooking this year, that is what I say.



betchai said...

i love to cook :) and of course i love to eat too :) and like you i also do not have a theme for our kitchen, whatever that i like to buy. and yes, the george foreman grilll is very convenient.

melissa said...

I would love a big one, but it is not in the budget right now. I like fat free, healthy cooking, that tastes good too.

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