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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Help Grant A Wish This Holiday Season

I know this time of year, people are always looking for donations. It is hard to decide whom, you should give to. Which organizations, are really helping those in need. Well now you can help Military families, and Veterans of wars, through the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry,
to see how you can help.

The Sears Heroes at Home Program, was developed to assist military personelle, their families, and veterans through joint efforts with non profit organizations. Now you can be a part of it too. I know so many people who are currently serving, or who have served this great nation. They give their time, sacrifice their lives, and time with their loved ones, so we can all be safe, and have all the freedoms we enjoy every single day. Often, they are injured, or miss births of their children, birthdays, and other holidays, all for each and every one of us. Now you can say Thank You, and help them have a wonderful holiday season too. Maybe you are thinking you can not afford to give money, but just the smallest amount of money can help.

Help grant a wish this year, and give to a worthy cause at Sears Heroes at Home program. They have expanded their program, this year, so they can help to assist more military personelle, their families, and veterans. If you want to have that warm, and fuzzy feeling this year, then you surely must check their program out.


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