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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day, Obamas Grandmother Passes Away

Today is election day. We had early voting here in Florida, so the deed is already done. Of all the blogs, I have read today I have not seen one mention the death of Obama's beloved grandmother. She passed away yesterday, unable to hang on to see if he wins or not. Our thoughts and prayers are with Obama and his family at this very sad time. May the best man, win today. I think McCain has a chance, but it will be very exciting to see who wins. Wow how often can you say that, Politics is exciting.

Todays homeschool freebie is an ebook titled Little Hands Folded in Prayer. It is a Classic collection of short, simple, beautiful prayers especially for children, from the 1800s. If you are interested in this free ebook, you can go to They offer a new free offer every day, Monday through Friday, and they are really free, no strings attached.

I wanted to share a great book on Homeschooling, that I am currently reading. I borrowed it from our local library, and it is called Homeschooling the Early Years. It is all about tips and skills for teaching early learners, up to age 8. The first two chapters were not really helpful, because they talk about thinking and preparing to Homeschool. The next chapters though, have been very informative and helpful. If you have access to a local library, you might want to check it out.

There is no school today, but here are the lesson plans for 11/5/08:

Reading: Read chapter 3 of Pirates Past Noon
Writing: Imagine you are the President of the US, what would you do for the country
Language Arts: Phonics review, grammar
Art: Draw Pichu
Math: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Social Studies: Election day word find, the first Thanksgiving story with questions
Planets: Themed unit
Fire Prevention: video number two

We have several add ons, if we finish early. They will be posted in our daily homeschool journal, as completed.


betchai said...

true, Obama's emotions must be in a rollercoaster ride right now, sad loss for his family, our thoughts and prayers of strength for him and his family at this difficult times for them.

Melissa said...

He seems to be holding it together.

peter kenneth said...

May God give him all the strength that he needs right now !!! SAD !!

continuing education for nurses said...

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