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Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Ignorance Towards Homeschoolers

Before I go into my big speech, please view the clip for yourself. It is from 11/17/08. and the ladies on The View, are discussing education options for the Obama children. It starts with a commercial before it actually goes to the clip. Go here to view it

Did you see it? Did you see where the host Joy, called homeschool children demented, and they are afraid of other children. Now let me first say I know she was trying to be humorous, however I still find it insulting, and even slanderous. For someone on national TV, to say that all homeschool children are demented, and isolated is absurd. Why is it assumed that all homeschoolers are sticking their kids in the closet, and shutting them off from the outside world? People choose to homeschool for a lot of reasons, and maybe some of them are isolated, but the majority I know of are very well rounded, sociable children. I find it even more insulting, considering she is an actress, and a lot of young actors are homeschooled, due to their crazy work schedules.

I for one intend to construct a letter, and send it off to ABC, insisting on an apology. If you are offended, or just think it is unfair for a group to be stereotyped against, you too can make your voice heard. Go here

Tomorrows lesson plans are as follows:

Santa Claus advent calender craft
Writing: Make a Thanksgiving menu
Vocabulary: Thanksgiving words
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving I will be adding these videos tomorrow for everyone to enjoy
Mars: 60 min video


iceah said...

my son enjoyed the electricity video c: good way to show and tell things c:

Melissa said...

I am glad he liked it, my kids love them too.

betchai said...

that's sad, considering she is a TV host on national audience to describe homeschooled children as such. I have a student right now who has been homeschooled from the start only now that she take in class instruction for Chemistry only and she is actually very bright and smart. And she does not have any social issues, she blends well with her classmates who are a lot older than her (she is high school age in a community college setting). And I have some friends too who homeschool their children, and that is from a country where homechooling is not yet very popular, but people right now are more open to that choice.

Melissa said...

Thank you betchai, I am not overly sensitive to peoples opinions but demented is just too strong for me. Thank you for your thoughts.

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