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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Parental Rights Are They Being Violated?

I received an interesting email today. It was from a member of one of my Homeschool groups. It was about Parental rights, and a petition to pass an Amendment to include parental rights in the US Constitution. Now I have saved this link, and have read the petition. I am considering signing it, but will probably do a little more research. The group is the group promoting the Amendment. You can go here, to read the full article that I read,

I guess I never really thought about it, mainly because I have not encountered problems like were stated. It seems most of them them stem from children upset with parents rules, and regulations, then complain to a school Guidance Counselor who in turn directs the child to CPS. I think no child should be abused or neglected. I believe that whole heartedly, and firmly. However, I do not think that rules, guidelines, and restrictions would fall under that category, unless they were way to the extreme putting the child in some kind of danger. I think these rulings, that were stated on this website are way over the bounds of Government rights. I do not understand why we are allowing the Government to have the ultimate say in what is quote in the best interest of the child. The one I found most shocking, was the one about the babysitters getting custody of a child, when the parent was never found to be unfit. They felt they had some kind of rights, as the childs babysitter. I find this absurd, and outrageous. Now they only gave an exerpt of the case, so there may be things that were not told. These rulings are from extremely Liberal judges, and courts, and are taking away the rights of parents to decide how their child should be raised. I find this to be absolutely beyond the rights of the Government. I must note, that there was a case stated about parents making their child attend church. The child complained, and the parents were forced by the courts to pull back on making the child attend church. Now for me Religion is a very personal choice. I believe in God, and feel I have a very close relationship with God. I do not force religion on my children. I expose them to it, and let them choose how much they wish to explore it. I was forced to attend church, and other religious type activities. I despised it, and it affected my relationship with God. I do not intend to do that to my children. I think they should be able to have some say, as to how their life is going, within the rules of the home. I have to say I agreed with the courts on that decision, to allow the child to pull back from such a rigorous religious regime. That is just me, and I am sure others will disagree with me, and that is of course your right. I will be researching this group more, and studying the Amendment. The general language, is a little vague for me, as I do feel children do deserve some basic rights, and responsibilities. Check it out, and see how you feel about it. I always say, be knowledgeable, know the information, and then make an educated decision.

My Lesson Plans for these next couple of months, are going to be a little different, due to the Holidays, and days off from school.

Lesson Plan for November 3rd:

Reading: Read chapter 2 Pirates Past Noon
Writing: Imagine you are an animal, what would it be and where would you go?
Math: Add, subtract, multiplication, division
Fire Prevention Week:
Language Arts: Phonics review, nouns and verbs
Music: 30 minutes
Spanish: Untensils and food
Themed Unit Study: Feelings

If time permits, we will do an Art class, and a virtual field trip.


betchai said...

wow, indeed, i think some of the cases take the rights of parents how to raise their kids. but same here in CA, there are some propositions that i even wonder why they are in the ballot at all, and i think they have more heated debates of that in here than the presidential election :(

melissa said...

I dont think we should assume the government knows how to raise our children better than the parents, but I do think children should be protected from abuse and neglect.

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