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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little Behind

I have not posted any of my lesson plans for the past two days. I have been trying to get in some paid posts, through Social Spark, well it seems you can not do two posts next to each other in another words two in a row. So I spent all that time doing them, to not have them approved, and can not be edited, just poof nothing for your efforts. So just a note, if you do paid posts through Social Spark, you can not do two posts in a row. Tomorrow is test day, so I have no lesson plan for tomorrow. We will be having movie afternoon, after school, and watching Kung Fu Panda.

Lesson Plans for 11/19/08:

Reading: Read Chapter 10 of Pirates Past Noon
Writing: Write what you are thankful for
Social Studies: Government and Citizenship this will be a multi week lesson, with some cool virtual field trips
Spelling: Lesson 10 write each spelling word, and circle the consonants
Vocabulary: Lesson 10 think of an Antonym for each vocabulary word
Language Arts: Phonics review, action verbs
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, ordinal numbers. Division will start again after Thanksgiving
Spanish: food and utensils

Lesson Plans for 11/20/08:

Reading: Write a book report, on Pirates Past Noon
Writing: Write 5 questions you would like to ask a Pilgrim
Health: Health and Safety Drugs
Spelling: Lesson 10 put spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 10 write each vocabulary word and the definition 2x each
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, ordinal numbers
Language Arts: Phonics review, verbs
Spanish: Food and utensils


betchai said...

oh, sorry to hear that melissa, it sounds a little bit frustrating to have prioritized the paid post but did not get approved. but at least, you learned your lesson. i have not tried doing paid posts, since wordpress does not let us, nice to know one can do here at blogspot, since i hesitate to buy my own domain, i still have to learn a lot probably.

Melissa said...

I am really considering not doing them anymore. I read it will bring down your page rank, mine is only 1 but at least it is ranked. I dont get that many opps for it to really matter, and they just contacted me and said I have too many widgets and advertisements and my blog may not be approved after reviews. Most of the advertisements are opps taken from their site, so needless to say I am just a tad confused.

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