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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Right To Live!

Okay so why am I blogging about something so serious? Because I think it is an important issue. We have all heard about the right to die, and the controversy that surrounds it. I will not go into my feelings about that, as that is another whole topic. However, what about a persons right to live, even when their seems to be no hope. I am sure you have heard, or even experienced stories about people being told, there is no more treatment that can be done, the case is hopeless, or because of age treatment is not sought. But what about their right, to say wait a minute, I am not ready to die. I want everything that can be done to be done, regardless of the outcome. There was a story, in my local newspaper, about a young boy, about 13 who had terminal cancer. He had come to the end of his disease, and at some point had obviously become unconscious, because he was placed on a Ventilator, and IV medications to make his heart keep beating. At some point the Doctors came to the conclusion, that he was brain dead, and was only being kept alive by artificial means. They requested the parents, to discontinue treatment, which they refused to do. The Hospital has take the family to court, asking the courts to allow the hospital to end the treatments being provided. There has been no ruling yet, but this is how I feel. The hospital initiated the treatment, now they have to keep it going whether they like it or not. I am sure it is expensive, and causing great cost, however it is not their place to say when someone dies. This boy could live, whether you agree with the interpretation of alive, for some time with the treatment. Eventually his heart will give up, even with the medication, and so will his lungs, despite the breathing machine and he will die naturally. This is his parents wishes, and I think that should be respected. I do not think medical professionals should be able to tell someone when they have to die, if they are willing to continue treatment. It is as much a right to live, as it is a right to die, in my opinion. So what do you think, about this topic?

Lesson plans for 11/13/08:

Reading: Read chapter 7 of Pirates Past Noon
Writing: Write a story about giving a dog a bath
Health: Home safety hazards
Language Arts: Phonics review, glossary use
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, number order
Spanish: Food and utensils
Music: 30 minutes

If we did not get to art class on 11/12/08 it will be done on 11/13/08


Laura said...

I agree. The sixth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill" covers this. As well as "do not kill" the connotation is that we should do everything that we can to preserve life and not cause it to end through our actions or by anything that we do or don't do.

(my source is the Westminster Confession, Questions 68 and 69)

melissa said...

Not only is it a religious issue, it should be considered a moral issue. Giving the Dr's all this power is just crazy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

betchai said...

i agree with you melissa, actually, i am surprised, i never knew that medical professionals can force the issue in court if the parents wishes do not agree with their wishes. i always thought that the patients or the parents wishes always should be respected.

Melissa said...

I can only assume, and I do not know this to be fact, but the family may have had no insurance, or their insurance would no longer cover the cost. That means the hospital was eating the fees to take care of this young man. I am sorry that is not justifiable for death.

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