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Monday, November 3, 2008

Homeschool Freebie, Halloween Tragedy, Fire Safey

Todays freebie of the day is an ebook titled English as she wuz wrote. You can get this free ebook, by going to

On Saturday, was trick or treating for many communities. In Sumster, SC a 12 year old boy was fatally shot for knocking on someones door. The man that shot the boy, his brother, and father, is an ex convict, wielding an AK-47 gun. He told the police he shot the family, because he had been robbed twice already, and had no intentions of being robbed again. There was another young man, in the home, that the police caught running away with 7,500 dollars cash. Obviously these two, were into some kind of illicit activities probably drugs, and innocent people were harmed. I am in no way in support of taking away people rights to bear arms, but I am tired of hearing of these kinds of stories of some loon with a powerful gun taking out innocent lives.

This week is Fire Safety week, here at Melissas Homeschool. We will be watching, and discussing a different short video, each day. This is the video for today. They are short, and geared at children, making them easy to understand.


betchai said...

that was a sad story indeed, maybe a case of paranoia, since they did something wrong, they thought probably someone were following them, and sadly, took the lives of innocent boy and harmed the other members of the family.

Melissa said...

It always makes me sad when a child is killed by a gun. There is no reason for these things to happen.

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