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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The I Want Thats Have Started

I love right after Halloween, and the I want thats start. What is an I want that, you ask? It is every time a commercial with any kind of toy, comes on the TV, and my 4 yr old announces I want that. It doesnt even have to be a toy for a girl, it can be any toy, and she most definitely wants it. I told her she has to pick one toy that she absolutely wants the most. So she says okay I want that, that changes in 30 seconds with the next commercial. I have to just laugh, because my sisters and I used to go through the Christmas Wish Book, every year, and circle every single toy in the book. My son is more conservative, and just makes a list of the favorite things he wants.

I wanted to share with all my homeschooling friends, and anyone really who wants to help their child learn to spell. I read a tip, in the Homeschooling book I am currently reading, of how one mom helps her child with spelling. I never actually thought of it, but she has him type all his papers into a program like Works, or Word Perfect, where there is spell check. Every misspelled word has to be looked up, and spelled correctly. She says it has helped his spelling immensely. I will be remembering that little tip, for sure.

Tomorrow is our Ocean Field Trip, so there is no test day. Just fun and frolicking, and it is supposed to be 80, and sunny.

Today we are watching this Fire Prevention video, with discussion after.

Then we will be watching this video on Nutrition, with dicussion and writing assignment after. I have watched this video, and it is excellent. Yesterdays video on the Native Americans, was also excellent, I will be posting #2 next Wednesday, so watch for it.


betchai said...

have fun tomorrow in the ocean melissa. i hope your kids will enjoy the sand, the waves, the sun and the good weather. funny, your 4 yr old daughter reminds me of niece when she was young, whatever she saw in commercial then, she wanted :) in fact, there was a pretty commercial model that whenever she saw the model she would clap her hand and say "guapa" , hihi, meaning, "beautiful!"

melissa said...

Thank you, we had an awesome day. I will post pictures soon.

betchai said...

oh wow, i will be looking forward to your pictures melissa, i am glad you had an awesome day.

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