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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Circulation For Kids, On The Zhu Zhu Pet Hunt Again!

I had posted videos on the heart, in an earlier post. You can find them in the archives. The Schoolhouse Rock video below, is geared more towards early learners, and much easier for them to follow, and a lot more fun. Today for Health we are focusing on the heart, and how exercise, and diet are important to heart health. You could have your child keep a chart of how much exercise they did, and what they ate, to evaluate this.

Well, yesterday it was announced on the news that there will be no Zhu Zhu pet recall, darn it, and so I am on the hunt again! Did I mention the darn it part? So last evening I am minding my own business, and the phone rings. It is Assistant Manager Gary, from my local Walmart. Yay my hamster is in! No mam your hamster is not in. Hmm then why would he be calling me. Did I complain again, maybe leave a nasty letter, and forget I did so? Nope, matter of fact I have not even been nagging my local Walmart about said hamster. Nope, matter of fact Assistant Manager Gary is just very kind, it turns out. He called to inform me that he was heading to the big city, in the next few days, and would be looking for said Zhu Zhu pet there. And if he found one, he would get me one. WOW I almost fell off my chair. Really, I asked? I was really stunned. He said yes, and I could simply buy it from him, of course I reminded him I do not intend to pay more than 9.99 he said he understood. I could not thank him enough. Of course there really is not much hope in getting too excited, because I have been calling all local stores within one hour driving distance, asking about said hamster, with no luck. But I am still hopeful to have this wonderful, robotic Zhu Zhu hamster, under my Christmas tree, with the wonderful accessory I already purchased. Yay! Wish me luck. I think I could write a book about this whole Zhu Zhu hamster ordeal LOL.

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