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Monday, December 7, 2009

How To Make Snowflakes, Learn To Draw 3D Cylinders

Due to the holidays, and doing holiday related crafts, DJ has gotten behind on his drawing. Today he will be learning to draw 3D cylinders. I love these videos, because he can see the artist drawing in real life, rather than reading, and looking at a picture. Also, do you remember as a kid making paper snowflakes? I do, too bad I didn't remember how to do it. The video below reminded me, and will you too. We are making a bunch of these today as well. Have Fun! Be sure to stop by DJ's blog, and tell him about Christmas in your part of the world.

Lesson Plans For 12/07/09:

Language Arts: Prefixes, suffixes
Reading: Read chapters 19, and 20 of Little House On the Prairie, with summaries
Sign Language: Alphabet
Math: Division
Art: Paper snowflakes, learn to draw 3D cylinders
Vocab/Spelling: Look up the definition for each word
Cursive Writing

Art: Paper snowflakes
Reading: HOP review of books already read
Site Words
Number Identification: Worksheet
Math: Addition to 10
Printing Practice

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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