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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pollination Video, and Video For Kindergarten Sight Words

Please don't forget to enter the contest to win the Sylvan first grade workbook. Details are at the top of the blog. You do not have to homeschool to win. Today for Science we are studying pollination. Below is a cool video, to supplement your reading material. If you have a child in kindergarten, and they are more of a visual learner, the video for the kindergarten sight words is great. Be sure to check out the sign language alphabet video, from yesterday too. Those of you who live near a Dollar Tree, they have some great educational posters right now. I got one for telling time, and addition, yesterday. Last year I got the US map, and the alphabet. The holidays are a great time to find great school items there.

Lesson Plans For 12/02/09:

Social Studies: Susan B Anthony, and Native Americans
Math: Multiplication, division, subtraction
Sign Language: Alphabet
Language Arts: Suffixes, prefixes, graphic organizer
Spelling/Vocab: Write each word three times each
Cursive Writing

Word Recognition: Worksheet
Maze worksheet
Reading: HOP Pop Fox
Printing Practice
Alphabet Book: Letter J
Math: Bigger vs Smaller
Site Words
Sign Language: Alphabet


Femmepower said...

Hi, Melissa! been a while. i'm back from the province. was so preoccupied with the wedding so i wasn't able to visit u for days. regards!

Melissa said...

Rochelle, welcome back, so good to see you.

Erudition said...

A great activity that exposes children to sight words is playing a board game called Er-u-di-tion™.

This award winning game helps children learn to read, spell and understand the most common words in the English language while playing an entertaining board game.

For additional information, please visit our website.

Melissa said...

Thank you, I will have to look at it.

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