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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Susan B Anthony And Women's Rights, Native Americans

We have been studying Native Americans this year. Below are some videos that kids will enjoy to help cover the info they have learned. One of my favorite American's in history, is Susan B. Anthony. Without her women's rights may have never came to be, or came much later in history. I still think women are not necessarily treated as equals, but what a long way we have come. Below are two videos on Susan B. Anthony for you to use in your teachings. The one is a re-enactment of her famous speech on Women Suffrage. We are having a playdate at the park tomorrow, with our ever growing play group. Both DJ, and Caitlin did extra work, these past two days, to get everything done and not get behind. Because of that, tomorrow they will get to do painting of Christmas gifts, for family, and friends. My kids love to paint, and I love the mess they make when they paint LOL. They will be working on Christmas cards, and will still have Health class. I will be posting on DJ's blog, on Saturday, a request for all our international friends, and USA friends, to share with DJ their traditions, and customs for the Christmas season. Rochelle at Femme Power gave me the idea, when she left DJ a comment, on his blog about his Thanksgiving. Thanks Rochelle! I hope he will get a great response, and learn about Christmas around the world, in a fun, and easy way.

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