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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Success At Last!

You will all be proud to know, that I persisted, and I got a Zhu Zhu hamster, finally!!!! I spent a good part of last night, bidding on Ebay, on Zhu Zhu pets. My goal was to get a hamster below 20 dollars, including the shipping fee. I did it! I got Chunk, the white hamster, for 18.50, that included shipping. So I actually only spend $8.50 more than if I got it at my local retail store. I don't know if everyone is done buying them or the recall scare, scared everyone away, but they were selling above 50 dollars just two weeks ago. Now I can rest.

Today we are doing Davey Crockett part two, because DJ did not retain much of what he learned. You can view the video in my archives, and we will be doing computer research as well. This is our last full day of lessons, until after the new year, so you will have to suffer through whatever I feel like sharing those days LOL. DJ is starting more complicated fractions, at the beginning of next year, so I am sharing a starter video about fractions.

Lesson Plans For 12/17/09:

How to Draw a Christmas tree: video posted yesterday
Social Studies: Davey Crockett part two
Health: Benefits of exercise, worksheet, and discussion
Math: Subtraction, Fractions, Division
Language Arts: Writing to give instructions, proofreading, suffixes, pictures tell a story
Sign Language: Alphabet
Cursive Writing
Reading Comprehension with worksheet

Connect the dots, alphabet
Reading: HOP The Fog
Site Words
Math: Addition to ten with coins
Computer work
Printing Practice

Caitlin will be moving on to her second set of site words, and number word association next semester.


Femmepower said...

A Zhu Zhu hamster finally! hehe congrats, melissa. that was a good deal after all.

Anyway, i hope DJ finally retains the lessons you've taken up. I have the same concern with my daughter sometimes but you know how it is for us parents.Those kids who excel academically are, most often than not,backed by patient and supportive parents who never get tired of teaching their kids.

Melissa said...

History is one of the hardest to get him to remember. I think he thinks it is boring, and just wants to get through it.

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