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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year Some New Things!

Obviously tomorrow is 2010, and a new shiny year. I have been thinking, and have made some changes, all good I hope. 2009 was good for this blog. I now get a steady 30% of my visitors from search engines, compared to 15% last year. I have been using Adgitize, Entrecard, Twitter, Project Wonderful, and for a while Social Spark all in various ways to drive traffic, and earn a little extra cash. I love Project Wonderful, and while I will not be doing away with it, I will be deactivating boxes, that have made no money. Some people got free advertising, for a very long time, and never paid a dime. Sorry, that has to stop. Adgitize I also like, you can make about twenty cents a day, give or take a few, and payout is 10 dollars, not too bad. I will stick with that one too. Entrecard, of course I will not leave there, it is a must for now. I also started our Blogging For Fun group, which in my mind has been a huge success, and I thank all my member who make it such a great group. Social Spark I am done with, I just don't care for it anymore. There was another paid post site I checked out, but I didn't last there either. Sorry, but I will not do a paid post for 50 cents. Through the year I have had several people contact me privately to purchase ads on my sites. Some I put towards donations for my feed the hungry program, and some were just advertising. Plus I got to do the Sylvan workbook post twice, and that was awesome. So, I decided to make it so anyone can purchase an ad, or review on this website. I will review just about anything, please note however if it is for a product you want me to say is an awesome product, I really need a sample to try it first. I also will be making this blog available to advertise on. You can purchase a text link, 125 widget, or a banner ad. The prices are listed in the drop down box, on the Paypal button. I do not know how to do html code, so be sure to supply it if it is needed. My jewelry and gems blog will also be doing paid reviews as well, so be sure to keep that in mind for all my crafting, and jewelry friends. I think my prices are reasonable, 5 dollars for a review, and you can ask me to tweek it if needed. I can only do one a week, to keep in line with Google rules, and not lose my page ranks. I hope this will be a successful venture.

We are half way through the school year, and I always evaluate our curriculum, and what we need to change, or add. This year we are right on track, and everything is going smooth. I don't see a need to change anything at this point. Our playgroup has been a huge success, and I am so happy I decided to do it. If you live in the Gilchrist County Florida area, and you homeschool, or just want an easy going playgroup, you can contact me at to see about joining.

My page rank went up to three, from two, and from one to two, on my jewelry blog. I was very excited about that, but now I need to figure out how to better optimize to get it up at least one more point in 2010. I met all my goals for both blogs, for 2009, and am looking forward to an awesome blogging year for 2010. Be sure to stick around, I try to keep it fun.

Tomorrow be sure to check for some neat things about New Years. Have a great New Years Eve, everyone!! See you in 2010 LOL.


betchai said...

congratulations for all the blogging successes, Melissa. I am so glad to join and be a part of Blogging For Fun, though am guilty of not really participating every week.

happy New Year.

Melissa said...

Betchai, I am so glad you are a member too.

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