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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do You Need Anger Management, Feeling Stressed?

Do you need anger management, maybe you are stressed to the max? Well then you need a Wii! No I am not kidding, you need a Wii!. My husband went and bought one, for Christmas, and had the kids unwrap it last night. Of course we had to try it. We only have the sport game that came with it. There is bowling, baseball, tennis, and of course the stress buster boxing. If you watch the video below, this lovely subdued couple is playing it sitting down. Well not my aggressive self, and my husband who does not like to lose. Oh no, we boxed like we were really fighting. Note kicking is not allowed, though I would not have had to kick, if he told me the proper way to use the controller LOL. My son wanted to box with me too, but I simply could not hit him, though he had no problem beating the snot out of me. You will work up an awesome sweat, and get out some aggression, and stress. My husband is says he is sore today. Note, I did not want the Wii, and am still brooding over it. Today for history class we are studying Davey Crockett. You can use the video below for supplemental info for your lessons. Tomorrow, just in time for getting the Wii, we are studying the cardiovascular system, with emphasis on exercise, and good eating habits.

Lesson Plans For 12/09/09:

Social Studies: Davey Crockett
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Alphabet
Math: Division, multiplication, problem solving, addition
Language Arts: Suffixes, fact and opinion, writing a paragraph
Spelling/Vocab: Write each word three times each

Sign Language: Alphabet
Reading: HOP review, plus Biscuit book
Math: Addition to ten
Site Words
Social Studies: Davey Crockett
Shadow Match: Worksheet
Printing Practice


Femmepower said...

I think I need a Wii too,Melissa.If only to handle stress and manage my anger,lol. Great way to bond with the family too. Congrats on getting one. =)

Melissa said...

I would say it rates at least an 8, for relief of stress level, and yes up to four people can play at a time. So everyone in the family can enjoy the stress relief.

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