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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How To Write In Cursive, How To Draw A Christmas Tree

Tomorrow is our playgroup Christmas party, so there will be no lessons tomorrow. Both kids will be helping to clean, and prepare for company. So I have added a couple of cool videos that you might find helpful. First, does your child need to learn cursive writing? Are they a visual learner. Then you need the short video below, that they can watch someone actually writing the alphabet in cursive. Also to continue with our art theme, learn to draw a Christmas Tree, using the video shown. DJ will be doing the art class on Thursday. This is our last full week of school, before the Christmas break.


Tellie said...

I had to write a paragraph in cursive the other day and let's just say I had forgotten to how. So I made up my own rules (which is beyond sad I know). Thanks for the video! I now remember what a "F" looks like...and a "Q".

Melissa said...

Z, and Q are the ones that I have never been able to get quite right. It is funny how we develop our own style of writing, once we are out of grade school.

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