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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Free Stuff?

If you said me, then I would have to say I do not believe you LOL. I know I love free stuff, or cheap stuff, or just stuff. Small town mommy is having a giveaway, and it is a good one. But before I tell you about that, I must insist on boring you with my 5 yr old daughters letter to Santa. She made her brother write it because she didn't want Santa to have to try and read her messy handwriting. She is lucky he is a nice brother. Too bad for him, she asked for a new one. If you get a kick out of kids, you will certainly enjoy it. If you do not like children, then I don't know why you are reading a post on a homeschool blog. I am after all not homeschooling my dogs. Yes, I actually made her limit her list to ten things, since she really insists she is getting everything. I also asked if she was sure she wanted, a baby brother, and sister, since she was using up two items? She said yes. Too bad Santa does not deliver children, whew thank goodness!!!

Now on to the good stuff. Anne over at Small Town Mommy, has decided she likes BJ's wholesale so much, that she is giving away a two month membership, and a 25 dollar gift card. I like Anne, she is sarcastic, and that is just my kind of humor. If you decide to enter her giveaway, read the directions carefully. I did mention she was funny, right? If you are not good at reading directions, like me obviously, you will miss the comment section. Skim reading is great, but not so much when you are entering a giveaway as cool as this. So, go on over to Small Town Mommy, and get your entry in, before it is too late. I actually did not see when it ends, and I read it twice, so don't mess around, and put it off.


Anne said...

Thank you for mentioning the giveaway. You made me laugh (yay, 10 entries). My little one wants Littlest Pet Shop too. Apparently her sister's house isn't good enough, she has to have her own. Did you ever find the rat (or Zhu Zhu as others call him)?

Melissa said...

Last night, after about 100 tries, I finally got one on Ebay for a decent price. Less than 20 dollars with shipping, so I only paid about 5 dollars over the retail price.

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