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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun Friday The Letter J: Jingle Bells and Jasper

Today is Fun Friday, at our Blogging For Fun group, and that means we are continuing our A-Z meme. We are up to the letter J, and I am featuring Jingle Bells, and Jasper. First Jingle Bells, view the cute video below with the Looney Toons singing Jingle Bells. I had to add Jingle Bells to the mix, because one we have had some wacky weather, and it is actually cold enough to snow here in N Florida. Yesterday, and the day before, it was so hot my husband wanted the air on. Tonight our small town is having a town Christmas Party, and they are importing tons of snow, for the kids, and adults I suppose LOL. My kids are so excited that they are going to be able to play in snow. At least it won't melt, as fast as normal.

Then we have Jasper, which is a gemstone member of the Chalcedony family. Jasper is probably one of the more common gemstones found in the world. It is cut into cabachons, beads, or ornamental items. There is Picture Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Picasso Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, and that is just the few I can remember, there are so many more. The finest Picture Jasper will look like a picture. The one I have shown is a necklace I made using Picture Jasper. It is very earthy, and warm, one of my favorite creations. Picture Jasper can be very expensive, as can Ocean Jasper in their finer qualities. It has a hardness of 6 1/2 to 7, and is a great gemstone for every day wear. If you like unique jewelry, you never get two that look alike, at least it is very rare. Thereby you are insured a piece of jewelry like no other. Awesome!


Ebie said...

Oh, that jasper looks so lovely and love the heart shape!

It will be cool for the artificial snow to come, and I am sure not only kids will enjoy but grown ups too!

Melissa said...

Thank you Ebie, and yes we all enjoyed the cold, cold, snow

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