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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grrrr Yes I am Growling, and The Musculoskeletal System

Grrr, I am in a growling mood today. Why, you ask? Well I am irritated, and for two reasons.

1- Yesterday I made my daily online rounds of Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart, looking for a ZhuZhu pet hamster. Toys R Us actually had them in stock. So I quick put one in my cart, and clicked submit. Now since I have shopped there before I just needed to sign. It took a matter of seconds, only. But poof as soon as I hit submit, they were all gone again. Grr I am so irritated with these stupid hamsters, and my local Walmart who insists they still have not gotten them in. I still find that very hard to believe, and may have to write another complaint to corporate.

2- Tiger Woods, yes Tiger Woods. Why am I irritated at Tiger Woods. Well for one thing, I got his character school lesson plan, for my kids for next year. Do you really think I am going to use this, after he has cheated on his wife? No I will not. I am sorry, no I do not expect him, or anyone else to be perfect. However, just making a written statement on his website, that he is sorry for his transgressions, and he made a mistake does not cut it. Sleeping with other women, and it appears to actually be more than one, is not a mistake, it is disgusting, being a pig. A mistake is you bounced a check, cheating on your wife is deliberate, and something you wanted to do. People are saying they feel sorry for him. For what reason? Why don't you feel sorry for his wife, and kids, for his piggish ways? I am so tired of men who can not keep their personal parts where they belong. And no please don't leave me a message asking me if this is based on personal reasons. No my husband has never cheated on me, and I hope he never would. When you live in the public spot light, and all of us who make his endorsements possible, they owe all of us more of an explanation than a written statement on a website, that he probably did not even write. If you don't like being in the public spot light, then you should have been an accountant or something.

There, now that I got all that off my chest, if anyone is interested in the Tiger Woods character lessons, just contact me and I will gladly give them away. Tomorrow is test day, so no lesson plans to post. We had a beautiful day at the park today, and the kids are currently painting. Below are three cool videos on the musculoskeletal system, which was our Health topic for today. You still have time to get your entry in for the Sylvan 1st grade workbook. It ends Saturday morning, when I get home from work. I will try to remember to draw the name, before I head off to bed. The rules are at the top of this blog.


Ebie said...

Hehehehe, but what about the rumors that the first alleged woman was paid off to keep quiet?

Good with with your hunt for the hamster!

Femmepower said...

The other woman remains mum about it but the other other woman is spilling the beans. hope it doesn't ruin their family entirely. it must be so hard and painful especially for his wife.

tellie said...

wow sorry to hear about your hamster luck...hopefully you will get one one of these days and at the price you are willing to pay. as far as TIger WOods is concerned, i feel bad for him. It's embarassing, even if what he did was wrong. I also feel sorry for his wife. But mostly I feel sorry for his kids...theyve probably been dealing with a dysfunctional household their whole lives! That being said I try not to judge people without knowing the situation from every angle which will never happen. so im not going to worry about tiger and his business. youve heard he's changing his name from tiger right? i hear he will soon be called CHEETAH

Melissa said...

Ebie, yes it appears she is going to get millions to be quiet, too bad she won't for long.

Rochelle, I feel sorry for his kids, and wife.

Tallie, Why do you feel sorry for him. He was getting attention, affection, and some loving too, from other women. Does not sound like he was having a bad time to me. His wife, and kids are the ones I feel sorry for. I agree judging people is not good, but when you count on the public to buy your name, they make you rich, then judgement is fair.

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