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Monday, December 14, 2009

How To Draw Elves, Wind Part 2

Tomorrow for Science class we are continuing our studies on wind. Below is part two of the wind video, from last week. There are two others posted as well. These are great for supplemental activities, with reading, or other lessons. I have found a bunch of great new websites, with educational activities for kids, and they will be posted soon, at the bottom of this blog under my favorite education sites. If your kids love to draw, try some of these wonderful free drawing videos. The one shown, is how to draw elves. DJ will be attempting it tomorrow.

Lesson Plans For 12/15/09:

How to draw elves
Science: Wind, and make a wind sock
Math: Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction
Cursive Writing
Language Arts: Suffixes, writing opinions, fact and opinion
Sign Language: Alphabet

Reading: HOP The Fog
Site Words
Math: Adding to ten using coins
Learning about graphs: Worksheet
Sign Language: Alphabet
Alphabet Book: Letter P
Printing Practice

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