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Monday, December 28, 2009

Introduction To Fractions, and Ramdom Thoughts

Today I am in a random kind of mood. So I thought I would share a few things on my mind.

1- I have posted before about having health care for everyone. It was passed in the Senate, and House, and now they need to combine them both. Great, right? Well no not really. How is it even legal that Nebraska senator gets to sell his vote, for no increases in Medicaid costs forever? That doesn't sound anything at all like what Governor Blago, from Illinois did, and got himself impeached. Why would anyone just go along, if you could get this kind of bribery? Lets face it that is what it is.

2- Did you know that the Little People Association of America, states that any adult 4 feet 10 inches and under is considered a dwarf? That would make me only 1 and a half inches out of dwarf range. Wow, I knew I was short, but I didn't know how short!

3- My pool has a huge, unrepairable hole in it. Great, that means the money I wanted for a new floor, gets to go for a new pool. You really almost have to have a pool here in Florida, unless you never want to go outside in June, July, and August.

Below is a video on the introduction to fractions. There is another one in my archives. We are moving into some harder fractions when school starts again, so we will be using it.

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