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Sunday, December 13, 2009

How To Tie A Christmas Bow, Steps To Crumb Coat A Cake

Have you ever had an Aha moment? Well I did. We have our playgroup Christmas party this week, and my kids volunteered me to make a Santa cake. Now I don't mind, because I make the cakes much better than cookies. I have no idea why, but cookies are not my thing. I have made some fancy cakes in the past, but I always get the crumbs in the frosting. I thought refrigerating the cake would fix it, nope not so much. Well there is a whole process to icing your cake, that I did not know about. You should start with the crumb coating process. It is a funny name, and quite simple actually. You can watch the video below, to see this very important pre icing step.

The other video is to teach how to wrap a bow on a Christmas present. For my kids, I do not wrap real pretty, or with much fuss. The paper just gets ripped off, with no care to a fancy bow. However, if you give gifts to coworkers, or a gift exchange, you may want to make it a little more fancy than usual. The video will show you how to make your gifts extra special.


Femmepower said...

I watched it.Perfect timing for this gift-giving season!Now I can make my gifts look pretty without spending much on expensive wrappers.thanks,melissa!

Melissa said...

Rochelle there were other more complicated ones. I figure pretty can still be simple. I hope your packages are beautiful.

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