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Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Snake!

Yes you read it right, and this one was too close for comfort. It was right on the back pavement of the yard where the dogs, and my kids play. Biscuit must have thought it was a stick at first because she went to grab it, and it wriggled and scared her. I am glad she listened, and stayed away from it. I was going to take its picture but the camera would not work for some reason. It was probably because I was petrified LOL. We looked it up, and it appeared to be another corn snake, but a different color. Who knew they come in so many colors UGH! It slithered under the fence and off to the neighbors yard. It does make me very nervous because if I have them other yards have them too, and some of these kids are out there all day, and they are small. So now my shovel has graduated to the back door, so it is in easy reach as soon as I leave the house. I wish I was scared of spiders, they are so much easier to squish than a 3 foot snake.

I have had a bit of a crazy couple of weeks. I hope I have not ignored any of my blogging friends. If I did I am very sorry. Next week is our evaluations, and I need to finish up the portfolios. I have been putting it off because it got canceled twice already, but now it is looming and I need to get busy. Plus finish up DJ's last semester report card.

The new washing machine is here, and it is quite lovely I must admit. I still am not happy about having to shell over the money for it, I'll always be a tight wad. Caitlin needs glasses, and it is proving to not be easy to find an eye doctor to test her age, and accepts our insurance. I think I have found one, and just need to make the appointment.


Kristy said...

Yikes!! Another seems you have more snake encounters living in town than I do out here in the country. LOL!

Melissa said...

I swear it is a conspiracy LOL!!

Anne said...

I hate snakes! I would never leave the house.

I am the same way. While I was thrilled when I got my new washing machine, I was bummed that I had to pay for it. But clean clothes are definitely worth it.

Melissa said...

Yes clean clothes are kind of a necessity in this day and age. As for the snakes, I feel like I am on the prowl always watching and listening.

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