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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week Two Counting Carbs For Weight Loss Free Carb Foods

This is week two of my series on counting carbs to lose weight. You should be aiming for 30-45 grams of carbs per meal. Even though I am not actually following this diet strictly I have started researching, reading up on labels, and getting a general ideal of how many carbs are in something. 30 grams of carbs per meal is extremely difficult to maintain, 45 is not bad at all. Remember don't skip meals, and if you exercise you can actually go up to 60 grams per meal. In my research I found that there are some foods that are considered free carb foods. There are not many, and a carb free food is a food with 5 grams of carbs or less per serving. They are not what you would normally think of as free foods for a diet, like fruit, because fruit is actually high in sugar therefore it has carbs. Each of the links provided will take you sites that have lists of foods considered carb free. That generally means you can eat them freely but always be cautious of statements such as that because even 5 grams of carbs will add up over time. Next week I will be posting some simple common sense ways to lose weight that won't leave you starving, or begging for more. Good luck, and please share results if you have been trying this.


Anne said...

I recently found a low carb meal that my children will eat (they are the queens of carbs). Lettuce wraps are a fun and actually delicious way to go low carb.

Kristy said...

Thank you Ms. Melissa for posting this information. I realized after your post that I have not been keeping my carb count to 30-40per meal which could have been causing my blood suger spikes. So, thank you so much for all the wonderful information you are providing to me and everyone else.

Melissa said...

Anne yes lettuce in place of bread would be an awesome low carb meal substitute.

Kristy, 30-40 per meal should be OK, just try not to go over that amount, and limit concentrated sweets.

Ebie said...

I have survived for 6 months without rice, and i did not buy rice anymore. I just bought a 10 pounder bag last month. Who could resist Filipino delicacy without rice.

But now that summer is here, I have been buying lots of fruits and vegetables.

Melissa said...

That is a long time to go without rice. You must be proud of your accomplishment. The low carb diets are great for getting rid of the excess fat in the middle, that is so hard to get rid of after having children. I am slowly getting into the routine of it now.

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