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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweating It Out Literally!!

Damn I hate Wednesdays! It seems like every Wednesday something has to go wrong. Oh and it has been over 100 degrees the past three days, and it sucks, without a dribble of rain in sight. It is so hot you can not even swim, because the water is too warm. Today my one year old dog left a really big log of a surprise on the floor for me. She never ever does that, and was extremely easy to potty train. At least I didn't step in it! Grr then my washing machine decided to die. Granted it is at least a hundred years old, but it couldn't have waited until after we did our summer fun stuff Grr! At least I got the curtains washed, I know that is so important. No one will have underwear or socks, but the curtains are clean! Now my husband calls and says something major is going on at the prison, wow that is always fun, and has no idea when he will be home. He will keep me posted. Yay, did I mention today really stinks? I hope you are having a way better day than me. I guess it could be worse, but please don't remind me, I might cry.


Kristy said...

I'm so sorry that you are having a bad day Ms. Melissa. I hope tomorrow gets better for you. And, yes this heat is unbearable. I am ready for fall/winter and I had told myself I would not say that but the summers here in Florida are beginning to be too much. Feel better and keep your chin up!

Melissa said...

Thank you Ms Kristy. Life is kind of stressful lately, but it does seem to go that way sometimes.

Anne said...

I hope things are better by now. My washing machine and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate it, but really miss it if something happens to it. At least you have clean curtains :).

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