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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Friday: The Orange Tree

Well I forgot to do a post yesterday, and now I am having blogger's guilt LOL. I usually only forego the posts on Saturdays. Our evaluations have been pushed back a week due to the evaluators needs. That is OK because I haven't decided yet what I want to put in the portfolio. Gives me more time.

Today is Friday, so that means it is Fun Friday time at Blogging For Fun. We are working on an eight week tree meme, and this is week six. As you can see I picked the Orange Tree this week. Here in Florida, mostly South Florida where it very rarely goes below freezing, oranges are a huge part of the economy. The tree is a flowering tree, that is quite beautiful to the eye, and sense of smell when in bloom. Orange trees can become quite large, and are prone to a disease called canker which the trees must be treated for, or the trees die, and also can infest a whole orchard if not treated. Oranges actually originated in Southern Asia. They can grow to about ten meters tall. There are many different types of oranges with Navel being probably the most well known, and then Valencia next. US is not the top orange producer in the world, Brazil is, with the US coming in second, and Mexico third. Brazil actually harvests twice as many oranges in a year as the US does. Oranges are very acidic, and some people can not tolerate eating too many at once.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fun Friday, and a splendid weekend.


betchai said...

oh, it's so beautiful Melissa, the fruit and the flower side by side, I almost forgot how beautiful the flowers of oranges are. Same here, orange is a great contributor in CA economy.

Tes said...

Lovely photo. I am very much encouraged to plant anything citrus in my yard. I heard they are hardy during winter. Am so glad to be back in blogging. Miss you Mel! :)

Melissa said...

Betchai, and Tes thank you.

Ebie said...

The Orange State. I love citrus, but unfortunately I have acid reflux, and as hard headed as I am, i still eat them. And I can't take Vitamin C either.

I will do my trees next week.

Melissa said...

My stomach is not the most citrus friendly either.

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