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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tomatoes, Razors, and Coupons

OK that sounds like a weird title but I have a lot to get into this post today. This is not a paid post for the razors, but they do go with my coupon gripe which will come in a minute.

I got to eat my first tomato from my Topsy Turvy on my ham sandwich today. It was delicious. I have to make a quick note about pesticides. If you garden you know one insect can ruin your gardening dreams. I had been using some natural green stuff I got at Walmart. It was the most affordable variety in the natural green kind, sorry can't remember the name. Anyways it was working beautifully. Then I ran out, and forgot to buy more. So I did a search on Google and found where you could make your own using original blue Dawn dish detergent. My mom swears by this by the way, and to kill fleas too. Ha to her, and anyone else that claims it works. It killed every leaf on every plant I sprayed. Now if you were not supposed to spray the leaves it did not say that in the directions, and yes I made it correctly. It didn't kill the vegetables just the leaves. So now my tomato plant has tomatoes with no leaves and is quite funny looking. Oh well live and learn.

Now for the coupons. I read a lot of blogs, A Lot! There are quite a few who say how great clipping coupons is, and how much money you can save. Not really I found out. First of all the only way I see you can really save money is if you only buy name brand products. You don't find coupons for store name brands, at least not most of the time. So I might save 50 cents on something when I could save 1.50 on the same thing by buying the store brand. I clipped, and used coupons for one whole month. Not only is it a royal pain in the aft end, but I actually spent more money clipping coupons because it was for brand name items only. Nope done with that. For a family of four I budget $400 dollars every two weeks for groceries. I can go to Save A Lot fill my cart for 125 dollars, then get toiletries, pool supplies, and all other items needed at Walmart and still have a hundred dollars left over, for milk, gas, and bread during the two weeks time period. The only thing I actually find them helpful for is like I said if you use name brand products only. That brings me to those lovely Venus Breeze razors by Gillette. I used to buy you know the cheap ones ten to a package tears your skin up kind. Then I discovered these with the gel bars on them. Ooh La La is all I can say. I will never go back to any other kind, coupon or no. I do use only Hellmans mayo, Jif peanut butter, and I have a favorite shampoo and conditioner. If I can get coupons for any of those or other items I know we will like, and use then that is the only way they will save me anything.

By the way any of you who are homeschoolers, or in college, and you want to save on textbooks click the banner above they have a huge selection at great prices.


Kristy said...

The tomato and ham sandwich you had today sounds so good! I am glad that you are having luck with your Topsy Turvy. I am not. I have better luck either growing them in the ground or in a pot.

Kristy said...

Is Sav A Lot a good store to save money at? I have heard good things about it and have wanted to go grocery shopping there but didn't know if the quality of food was good or not.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy my husband would not eat it if it wasn't good quality. The only thing I can say is sometimes their fresh produce will spoil a little faster so be sure you are going to use it soon after you buy it. I don't buy everything there, but their meat is excellent and a good value. My husband won't eat Walmart meat and Hitchcocks and Winn Dixie are way too expensive. To me if you need to save a little money then you have to pinch somewhere and groceries are a huge expense in any family budget.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to figure out how to use coupons effectively. I try to stock up on certain items at special times during the season. Such as buying home school supplies at back to school time, summer toys at the end of the season etc.

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