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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Free Summer Education Classes At Currclick!!

Attention all parents Currclick offers free summer classes in music, art, and many other subjects. The moon lapbook is very nice. These will run in June, and July and you can click this link right here, to take you to their website and look at all the free classes offered, and dates to participate. Some are live so be sure to register, and then write down the date and time. They offer online tutoring, live classes, as well as a ton of other educational info and resources that you might find helpful in your homeschool, or as extra curricular activities for your children. I personally have used their products, and I love them. If money is tight this summer, you can not beat FREE!


Anne said...

I will definitely check them out. I am a big fan of summer learning.

Melissa said...

They have lots of great options.

Anonymous said...

Why only summer learning? There are websites like that offer free tutoring throughout the year.

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