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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Final Report Card

I have completed DJ's portfolio, and just need to get Caitlin's done hopefully tonight. My snake friend has not returned so I am glad about that. Though I am sure he is in the bushes laughing at me. If you don't know what I am talking about then you didn't read yesterdays post. Here is DJ's fourth quarter report card. He was pleased but unhappy with his Science grade. Because we finished our Science curriculum early in the fourth semester he didn't have many graded papers to help boost the grade. His math did drop a couple of points, but towards the end of the year he was learning newer, and more difficult material. He gets very disappointed with himself, and I have to remind him it is just a grade. If you need info on evaluations, and portfolios, there are some in the archives, way back at the beginning including sample evaluation forms.

DJ's Fourth Quarter Report Card:

Reading: Very good
Math: 84
Language Arts: 86
Spelling/Vocab: 89
Writing: Very good
Art: Very good
Science: 82
Social Studies: 95
Health: N/A curriculum completed in third quarter
Reading Comprehension: Good

Average Grade: 87

These are the books that DJ read in the fourth grade:

Sherlock Holmes Hound of the Baskervilles
Little House on the Prairie
Seeds of a Nation: Florida
Dolphin Diaries book two
Black Beauty
The Barefoot Book of Knights

Starting tomorrow I will be doing some paid posts. During the summer I take the opportunity to make a few extra bucks from my blog. If you would like to hire me to review a product, or your blog just contact me at and let me know what you want, and pricing available.


Rochelle said...

Good luck on your venture, melissa! Your sponsors and your readers alike will surely like your reviews.

Kristy said...

Good job DJ on a great report card! I hope you are enjoying your summer Ms. Melissa.

Melissa said...

Ms Rochelle, thank you. I realized I hadn't done any paid posts since July of last year.

Ms Kristy, so far so good minus the snakes, broken washing machine, leak in the kitchen, doctor appointments, evaluations, jeesh I don't think I like summer very much.

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