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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Friday The Christmas Tree

This is our last week of Fun Friday at Blogging For Fun, and I have saved my most favorite tree for last. The Christmas Tree, a symbol to me of family, heritage, good times, peace, and love. There are those who will the Christmas Tree is sinful, which it does originate in Pagan traditions who worshiped the trees as part of their belief system. However the Christmas Tree has bloomed into something so much more in our lives. My mother was not wealthy when we were children, but Christmas was always special. She absolutely loved Christmas and is extremely religious. The decorating of the tree started on Thanksgiving, and is a tradition I carry with my children to this day. There was both religious, and secular symbols of Christmas in my childhood home, as there is today. Santa Claus was not fictional but a magical person who loved children, and wanted to be sure they all got something on such a blessed day. My mother played Santa Claus for many years to many a children without ever blinking an eye. Our tree was decorated with handmade ornaments made from love, not store bought, many of which I still have today and decorate my own tree with. The Christmas Tree will always be a special symbol to me, my children, and my family. To learn about the history of the Christmas Tree, check out the video below.


betchai said...

we used to decorate also our Christmas tree with all handmade ornaments, Melissa, and I enjoyed every time of working together with my mother those ornaments.

Kristy said...

I miss those days of doing everything homemade. I think I will revive that tradition this year. Great post Ms. Melissa.

Melissa said...

Thank you Betchai and Ms Kristy. We do make some homemade ornaments, but not nearly as many as my mother did. I am not nearly as crafty, but I do try.

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