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Monday, June 28, 2010

Homeschool Evaluations Are Done!

Today was the big day! The day of our yearly homeschool evaluations. This is just as much an evaluation for me, as it is for the kids. It costs 50 dollars per child, and a certified teacher must do it. They meet with your child and evaluate what they learned, and ask them questions, and give them an assignment.

DJ did very well, and is above his grade in reading, and writing. The writing blog helped so much, and she was impressed and is considering having her children try a writing blog. Last year I was concerned with his ability to read way beyond what a third grader should read, but was unsure of his comprehending what he read. We worked on that a lot this year, and vocabulary, and that improved him to above average. The evaluator chose at the end to read to DJ a passage from a book. I watched him and I could tell he heard maybe the first two sentences of the passage. I do not technically teach with the method of reading to them, and then them telling me what I read. I find this a very boring way to teach. I will work on this just so he does not slack in his listening and following directions skills.

Caitlin did not want to be bothered at all, which is what I was afraid of. She wanted to play and not sit and visit with a stranger. This is pretty common for her, as she is very shy. Once we got her to cooperate she did very well, and is above average in her reading, and comprehends quite well. She didn't evaluate math other than counting abilities, colors and other basic kindergarten skills. We need to really work on her shyness, but I really am not sure I want to force her to interact with people when she is not comfortable. Once she warms up to someone she is very talkative, and is in no way isolated. So I will have to consider how to do this in a way that is safe for her.

I am glad it is over, and can now relax for a few weeks. Then I have to dispose of DJ's papers from two years ago as you only need to keep them for two years in FL. Plus they take up way too much space to store, so I am glad it is two years. The evaluation papers need to be copied and sent into the local school for filing. Then I will finish shopping for the end of my curriculum supplies, and finish preparing for next year. I have actually completed a lot of it. I want to check out the Math U See program again, as she highly recommended it again. I have already purchased all of DJ's math stuff for next year so I will not be getting it for him until the following year. But I will look at it for Caitlin.

If you happen to come across this blog looking for an evaluator in the Levy/Gilchrist county areas, I will share my evaluators name with you after you contact me via email at


chiromommy said...

Wow I am sure blessed here in MO not to have to do those evaluations. They are expensive! We just have to meet 1000 hours (600 being core) once the child reaches 7 years of age. Congrats on everything going well.

By the way, we use MathUSee and love it. What other curriculum resources do you use?

Melissa said...

I currently make my own using many different resources. For next year I purchased The Story of the World, and will continue it through all four curriculums, I really like it. I will probably purchase the Math U See for Caitlin in first grade, but for DJ it probably won't be until sixth grade as his supplies have been completely purchased. I use a ton of online sites to complete curriculum assignments. I am a huge advocate of searching and finding the best free resources, there are tons.

Call Center Gal said...

That was such an achievement Melissa! :) Homeschooling is just about to blossom here in the Philippines but I read a lot of great stories about it from other parents who tried HS their kids.

Melissa said...

I think it is optimal for parents to teach their own children. Of course that is not possible for everyone, so thank goodness for public schools.

Tes said...

Congratulations, Mel! I really admire parents who MS their kids! Good job, girl! *hugs*

Melissa said...

Thank you Tes, you are so sweet, hugs back at ya.

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