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Friday, October 1, 2010

100 Great Green Lesson Plans For The Classroom

We were supposed to be off today, but due to a family issue we took last Friday off. So if you want to know what we are doing today, you can view last Friday's post. We are starting Leonardo Da Vinci in Art, so that should be fun.

I was contacted by a gentleman who offered me this great article to share with all of you. It is titled 100 Great Green Lesson Plans For the Classroom. I have looked it over and bookmarked it for my own personal use later. We just finished up learning about being greener, so this will come in handy. If you want some interesting and creative ways to teach being green, saving the planet, or whatever you wish to call it go to and check out his great options. This will also be posted at the bottom of this blog under my favorite education sights.

Have a great Friday everyone. I am off to do lesson planning for next week. Yay!

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