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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hair, Skin, And Nails

Tomorrow for Health class we are learning about hair, skin, and nails, otherwise known as the Integumentary System. There is a reading assignment, video below, and then discussion. Since DJ is in 5th grade he will begin some more intensive health classes starting next year. We are preparing for that. Caitlin will be doing a lap book on body parts using magazines, and free printables I printed for her. This is our fist attempt at using the lap book approach.

Lesson Plans For 10/7/10:

Health: As above
Sign Language
Writing: Time order
Math: Multiplication, mixed math
Geography WS
Reading Comprehension: With worksheet
Language Arts: Verbs

Health: Body parts lap book
Reading: Book of her choice
Math: Addition with a number line, and flash cards- this is new for Caitlin
Printing Practice
Language Arts: Vowel combos, blends gr, spelling list 4
Shapes: Matching WS
Same/Different: WS
Calendar work, clock work, skip counting, sight words

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