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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Art and Music on Fridays and The Mayflower Compact

If I can get the plugin to work properly Caitlin and DJ will be enjoying kids songs on Kididdles, tomorrow. If I can't get the plugin to work they can read and sing along to the lyrics. This is a free website with tons of kids songs to download, print, and listen to.

Tomorrow is Art class as well. Since we have been learning about recycling this year, and inspired by my very crafty mother, we have decided to pain Halloween themes on jars that were washed and dried. I have some cute templates they can use to make the patterns to paint. I will share pictures when they are completed. DJ took shadow pictures yesterday. He got some really good shots, but we will do it again on a sunnier day. It is hard to take pictures of shadows and make them look right. We had fun doing it though. That was his 4H project for the week. DJ is reading The Mayflower Compact this week, with a book report. The video below is a short video to accompany any lessons about The Mayflower Compact.

Lesson Plans For 10/29/10:

Art: Hopi Indian homes from Draw Write Now, plus painting on jars
Music: As above
Reading: The Mayflower Compact with book report
Writing: Create a Halloween poem, blog post on his blog
Math Test
No spelling test this week

Art: Same as DJ
Music: Same as DJ
Reading: Wet Legs and one other book of choice
Math Test
Read and listen to Native Americans book
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting

If any work needs to be caught up, Friday is the day. Plus they can have computer time if time permits.

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