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Friday, October 15, 2010

Portrait Drawing

Today DJ is finishing up reading about Leonardo DaVinci. As you know drew a lot of portraits, so DJ has picked a picture and will be drawing a portrait, and Caitlin is giving it a shot too. Plus they are drawing a cradle board from the Draw Write Now Native Americans book. A cradle board was kind of like a back pack for babies that Native Americans used to carry baby around and keep it safe. We have no school Monday for report cards, and half a day Tuesday.

Lesson Plans For 10/15/10:

Art: As above
Math Test
Spelling Test
Cursive Writing
Writing: Blog post on bicycle safety
Proofreading: Worksheet
Reading: The Story of Mount Rushmore with book report

Art: As above
Printing Practice
Reading: Pig Jigs, Rub a Dub Club
Short Vowels: Worksheet
Finding words in pictures: Worksheet
Listening Skills: I read a Native American book to her

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