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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making Scented Oil

OK so tomorrow is Social Studies, but we are only having a half day, because we are having our playdate at the park after lunch. We are up to Chapter 4 of Ancient Times and a lot of this chapter has to deal with embalming and mummifying of the dead. One of the activities you could choose to do was to mummify a chicken! Um, Um, Hmm, no I don't think I am doing that one. We could also make fancy jars, but I opted out of more painting for now. So that left us scented oil which is actually kind of neat. In ancient times they used oils and spices on the deceased bodies to help preserve the body. If you want to make some scented oil you will need a jar with a lid, oil either cooking or baby, and any spices you like. Fill the jar to the top with the spices, this will take a lot of spices, so I got a smaller jar LOL, then add the oil to the top to completely coat the spices. Set in a sunny location for a week, and shake the jar well two to three times a day. Then drain the oil and repeat the steps if you want a stronger scent. Then you can use the spices for embalming, well no please don't do that.

For tomorrows lessons Caitlin will be doing online computer games, and DJ has his Chapter 4 Ancient Times, plus he must do his math and spelling.


betchai said...

i did not know they used essential oil for embalming, thanks for the info Melissa. hope you have a wonderful time at the park.

Melissa said...

It was actually very interesting to read about it.

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