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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Multiplying 3 Digits By 3 Digits

DJ is starting to learn multiplying 3 digits by 3 digits. Like any new math he is frustrated that it seems to take a long time to get it down. He has only been doing it a week, talk about impatience LOL! Anyways I am posting this helpful video for him to watch as many times as he need, and your child can use it too. I think math is one of the most frustrating classes that a child has to take.

Lesson Plans For 10/04/10:

Language Arts: Verbs, spelling chapter 4 three times each
Writing Blog Post: Desjardini Tang
Math: Problem solving, mixed math
Sign Language
Reading Comprehension: With worksheet
Writing: Personal narrative

Calendar work, clock work, skip counting, sight words
Spelling: List 4
Math: Addition with number line
Language Arts: Long I, blends gr and mixed blends
Reading: Hot Dog
Printing Practice
Matching Pictures: Worksheet
Oval Worksheet


Anne said...

Good luck with the 3 digit multiplication. Math can be complicated.

Femmepower said...

Hmmm it's a different process from what we're used to here but arriving at the same product. nice!

Melissa said...

I agree math is very complicated, both teaching it and learning it. DJ said this video was not helpful at all to him, so I will search for something else.

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