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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Butchart Gardens, and Joseph and His Coat Of Many Colors

We have a packed full day of History today, or Social Studies as some call it. We are continuing with our lessons about Canada by doing a virtual tour of Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. In chapter six of The Story of the World: Ancient Times we learn about David and his coat of many colors. I didn't care for the craft the student book offered, so we will be using the one here. DLTK kids offers all kinds of free crafts, and lesson plans for homeschoolers. Caitlin will continue to work on basic map reading skills, with a simple legend. They are both also starting a lapbook of the states. There are free templates of each state offered online. Print the state and then determine what you want your child to find about that state. DJ will be doing capital, flower, bird, year became a state, major industries, climate, and natural resources for each state. Caitlin will find and write the capital, then color the state. When completed they will each have a state book for future use. You can also add state flags to go along with each state. I like these lapbooks because you can add to them as the grades go on, making a complete story of what they learned.

Lesson Plans For 10/20/10:

Social Studies: As above
Math: Division, mixed math
Josephs Coat of many colors: Craft to accompany chapter six of Ancient Times
Sign Language

Social Studies: As above
Language Arts: Blends scr, short vowels
Math: Addition
Finding Words in Pictures: Worksheet
Printing Practice
Zoo Workers: Worksheet
Josephs Coat of many colors: Craft
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting


Tanya said...

Hi Melissa! I live in Vancouver, and Butchart Gardens isn't here, it's on Vancouver Island - which is just off the west coast of British Columbia. It's a fair sized island and there are several cities it, including our province's capital city, Victoria. Butchart Gardens is located in Victoria - to get there from Vancouver you would drive for about 30 minutes, take a ferry, and then drive in a car again. Or (even funner) you could take a float plane which would land you right in the Victoria harbour.

Melissa said...

Oh thank you, my mistake. It said Vancouver and I just assumed. I would love to visit sometime.

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