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Monday, October 18, 2010

First Quarter Report Cards

First Quarter report cards are completed, and both DJ and Caitlin did very good. DJ was very nervous because his 3 and 4 digit multiplication has been such a challenge. Report cards as follows:

Caitlin: Did not get a letter grade report card, but just a smiley face and generalized comment on advancing of work. She has done quite well and I am most impressed with her determination to get the math perfect. She has been doing addition with number line, and has begun flash card math. Reading is very good, handwriting good, Language Arts good but still finds parts of it confusing, Health, Science and History are all more elective at this age but she is doing very good.

Reading: Excellent
Reading Comprehension: 89
Language Arts: 92
Spelling: 100
Math: 86
History: 94
Science: 92
Art: Excellent
Music: Good
Blog Writing: Excellent
Writing Workbook: Very Good
Handwriting: Satisfactory
Proofreading: Good

Tomorrow is a half day, and we will be mostly doing Science stuff. I will be posting videos and lessons tomorrow morning.


Rochelle@mom-says said...

Wow!Excellent marks, DJ!Keep it up, you're making your parents proud.Great job, Melissa!

Kristy said...

Way to go DJ and Caitlin! You are a great homeschooling Mom Ms. Melissa!

Melissa said...

Thanks guys! DJ wants all A's so he was not real happy about two B's.

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