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Monday, October 11, 2010

Safety And Science Experiments

Tomorrow in DJ's Science book he has a reading and question assignment on safety when doing lab experiments. I found this cute video to accompany the lesson. Feel free to use it in your lessons. We are also doing a small discussion experiment about how hot earth is and how we think it would be if the sun was both closer, and farther away. How would it affect life on Earth? Caitlin was going to do a zoo animal lapbook, but instead I found these cute zoo animal stick ons at Walmart, and she created her Halloween pumpkin using them. She made a Zoo Animal pumpkin. I will post pictures later this week, it is cute. They also had farm animals with the barn, and fences and everything. If you want something creative to do besides carving the pumpkin I think a farm animal pumpkin would be awesome too. Oh and for dinner tonight I made the cutest pizzas, I will share that picture later too. Tomorrow we also have a playdate at the park from 12-2, last week got postponed due to an emergency in one of the other families. Tonight is our first 4H meeting. I will let you know how it goes.

Lesson Plans For 10/12/10:

Science: As above plus read pages 28-31 of weather book
Math: Multiplication
Spelling: Chapter 5 write each word three times each
Sign Language
4H Photography: Experimenting with natural light indoors

Science: Zoo animals pumpkin decorating
Math: Addition with number line, money, math flash cards
Printing Practice
Spelling List 5
Language Arts: Blends pr, short vowels, beginning sounds
Find Words In Pictures: Worksheet
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting

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