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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life Cycle Of A Salmon, and Exoplanets

Today is a half day of school, and we are doing basically just Science. I must admit as interesting as I find space, I really do not know that much about it. DJ's chapter in his Science book today is about exoplanets. The two videos below will help you, me, DJ and anyone else who is interested understand this concept. The other video is the Life Cycle of a Salmon. This was actually under our History for the lesson on Canada, but I have switched it over to Science. We are also doing an experiment where we make salt. I will post that if anyone wants to try it, in a couple of days.

Lesson Plans For 10/19/10:

Science: Exoplanets, life cycle of a salmon, About 4 H, making salt experiment, Read pages 32-35 in weather book.
Math: Word problems multiplication

Science: Weather lapbook, About 4 H, salt experiment, life cycle of a salmon
Math: Addition with number line

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