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Monday, October 4, 2010

The History Of Aviation

Tomorrow for Science class we are covering erosion, photography, and the history of aviation. If you don't remember what you learned in school, ahem like me, then the videos below will refresh your memory. I find most interesting that the Wright brothers, neither one of them even graduated high school. I also found interesting that the problem with flying was not actually the flying part, but controlling the plane. We have a lovely childrens encyclopedia that was given to us by friends, and it has one whole book on the history of aviation. We will not be reading the whole thing tomorrow LOL! The videos are in black and white and quite old but you will get more from listening than by seeing in this case. Enjoy!

Lesson Plans For 10/5/10:

Science: As above
Math: Mixed math, multiplication
Spelling: Chapter four, write each word three times each

Science: History of aviation, with plane craft
Language Arts: Long I, short vowels, blends gr
Reading: Pig Jigs
Same/Different: Worksheet
Spelling: List four
Matching Shapes: Worksheet
Printing Practice
Math: Addition with number line
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting


betchai said...

your video lessons always help to refresh our memory Melissa, so not only for kids but for us too :)

Anne said...

I don't remember ever studying the history of aviation in school. I remember learning a little bit about it on trips to North Carolina but that was it.

Melissa said...

I vaguely remember learning about the Wright brothers but I do not remember anything else being taught.

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