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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All About Totem Poles and Sight Word Dragon Story

Wednesday is Social Studies day and we are still learning about Canada. The next subject is totem poles used by Indians from Canada. This fits in nicely also to Caitlin learning about Native Americans. If you want a short reading about totem poles and directions to making your own totem pole, you click this link. If you have the time, and plan ahead unlike me, you could have your kids design a totem pole for your own family. I think that is a great idea. We are also on our second week of making our states lap books. This week is Georgia. You can design them any way you like to suit your child's age level. To find free printable states you can go here. The video is a cute way to help your kids learn sight words.

Lesson Plans For 10/27/10:

Social Studies: Ancient Times chapter 7, map skills, plus above listed activities
Math: Division, mixed math
Spelling: Chapter six review
Sign Language

Social Studies: As above
Spelling: List six
Math: Addition
Language Arts: Blends sk, finding words in pictures, long vowels
Printing Practice
Clock work, calendar work, skip counting, sight words

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