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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Is Almost Over, Time To Think About Christmas

Well Halloween is just about over, with most trick or treating tonight. We actually did ours Thursday night, which was nice because I have to work 11-7 tonight, and will be napping at the time that trick or treating would be going on.

Now I begin to really get into the groove of Christmas shopping. Last year my husband Santa, bought a Nintendo Wii. This was not an expected gift as we already have the PS2. I have to say though it has worked well for us as far as homeschooling goes too. Why? Because the Wii offers educational games as well as other games that are skills, or just for fun. So far we have Science Papa, and the Night at the Museum, both which help enhance Science and Social Studies learning. Of course neither DJ or Caitlin complain about having to play the Wii to learn LOL. We don't always have a lot of time for games, so it usually comes at the end of the day, or into the eve for fun time. This year DJ has asked for Endless Ocean video game for the Wii. I have checked it out, and it definitely is one of their educational games. Since each child only picks 4 presents this year I will definitely be getting this one for DJ. If you have a Wii, like educational games, and have little kids, check out the link below to purchase Endless Ocean video games.


Grace said...

Melissa, WE also have the Wii at our house, and as far as the video games go, it is my favorite. I love the ones that encourage the kids to get up and move.

I have t admit that the time is moving much to fast, just the thought of Christmas already is pretty overwhelming. I guess I'll ease into it by wrapping my mind around Thanksgiving. LOL

Aysha said...

Wii games are absolutely wonderful for educational purposes. I cant believe its already Halloween!Hope you had a great one...and your kid has chosen a great Christmas gift, I hope she enjoys it

betchai said...

time flies, hope you have a happy halloween weekend with your kids Melissa.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys, and yes I can not believe we are talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas already.

Vickie said...

Awe! Sweet kiddies:) We don't have a Wii. Wished we did but we have other consoles. Not sure if the Endless Ocean Game would go on the other consoles. But my kids would like this game.

Melissa said...

I don't know if it is available on the other consoles either. They usually are. We have a PS2 as well, but it really does not get used much anymore.

rochelle@mom-says said...

Cute pics of Caitlin and DJ! I'm sure they had much fun.We don't have a PS2 or a Wii or any other game gadgets (and good thing Bianca is not asking me to buy one,lol).I am yet to post Bianca's Halloween pictures. I haven't uploaded them on my pc yet.

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