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Monday, October 25, 2010

Teach Kids The Months Of The Year and Taking Care Of A Rabbit

Caitlin has been learning all about calendars. Days of the week, how many days in a month, and months of the year as well. She has the days of the week down, and even dates in a month pretty good. She is not liking learning the order of the months in the year. I am hoping the video below will give her a fun way to learn and remember them. We have a playdate at the park tomorrow with our play group friends. We always look forward to these every two weeks.
DJ will be doing his next chapter in his 4H photography book, which is all about shadows. He is going to ask his friends to make some cool shadows for him. They should have fun. I posted the video below to give him some ideas on taking pictures of shadows. Whomever shot those photos is talented indeed. Caitlin will be getting her rabbit for 4H, in the next two weeks. So now she has to begin learning how to care for a rabbit. See the video below.

Lesson Plans For 10/26/10:

Science: Review of chapters 1-6
Spelling: Chapter six review
Math: Division, mixed math
Sign Language

Spelling: List six
Math: Addition
Science: Weather lap book
Language Arts: Blends sk, finding words in pictures, long vowels
Printing Practice
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting
Watch care of rabbits video for 4H


Kristy said...

I love the teach the months of the year video. Very cute and fun!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Ms Kristy

Rochelle@mom-says said...

Oh,fun days ahead for DJ and Caitlin, eh? My brothers used to have rabbits and we all loved them.I'm sure Caitlin would too!

Melissa said...

She is very excited.

Kylie said...

I love the video about bunnies. I absolutely love all the information about taking care of bunnies especially on how to work on the rabbit hutch or cage and the food they have to take to stay healthy. It is so much fun watching the video. I feel like an expert already when it comes to rabbit.

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