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Monday, July 7, 2008

Do you want to Monetize your Blog?

Sponsored by SocialSpark Then try Social Spark. It is a website, designed to help you monetize your blog, drive traffic, and build a community for other bloggers just like you and me. I just joined Social Spark, a few days ago. SocialSpark First thing you have to do is sign up, obviously. Then they will send you a verification email, you respond, and bang your done. Then comes the fun part. You add your blogs, and begin the verification process. It is simple, and they explain everything to you, so you know what you are doing. It takes a few days for your blog to be verified, then you can start accepting oppurtunities. SocialSpark Oppurtunities, what is that you ask? One of the nicest features, about Social Spark, is you can get paid to blog on other peoples blogs. You go through the open oppurtunities, and select ones you are qualified for. Then acept the oppurtunity, and do the assignment. Oppurtunities will require you to meet, certain expectations, in order to be compensated. So be sure you have read all the directions. Once your post has been accepted, you just sit back and wait to be paid. There are tons of oppurtunities available, and some even offer bonuses. Plus, you can create oppurtunities, for other bloggers to take for your blog. For example, say I wanted someone to write about different types of homeschool curriculums. I could create an oppurtunity for that, and then wait for other bloggers to take the oppurtunities. They have an extensive ethical code, 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure -100% Transparency -100% Real Opinions -100% Search Engine Friendly'. For me, Social Spark, is a great way to not only drive traffic, be part of a community, and monetize my blog, but also helps me to tune up my writing skills. It can only benefit, my children, if I can write as well, as I expect them to. So what are you waiting for? Go to Social Spark, and join.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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